Loved this book…academia…Colorado…cozy mystery…that about sums it up!

It’s really good!


We are away but returning home tomorrow. The kitties have a kitty nanny who is there with them 24/7.

We are watching them with our in house camera system.

We are house hunting in Virginia.

We wanted to get here and feel the vibe…get the mojo…we sort of really like it here.

We spent hours in the house we may build!

It’s a tad smaller but the upgrades are freaking me out! I can have a Wolfe stove…red knobs!


I can still have a sun room and a vaulted ceiling bedroom but in a more manageable space. It suits us. I kind of love it.

We shall see!

Dinner last night was here…totally awesome…

Tonight we ate here…

We are exhausted!

Talk soon…



2 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Elisabeth Foodandthrift says:

    Wow, Patty, how exciting! Instead of moving to a warmer climate…your choice is to move to yet, another cold climate state! Can't be 'work relate'?…maybe family? Anyway, its a huge move for you or anyone. When we moved to S.Florida from Cleveland decades ago, I really didn't want to leave all my family behind, but it was for job opportunity, and never moved back!
    The book sounds amazing, a great mystery, the title, and the color of the book cover is great!


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