Tea And A Meaty Pie?

I love English mystery writers…Deborah Crombie and her Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James books…I have read every one of these…the dogs, the boys, English tea! Jacqueline Winspear and all of her Maisie Dobbs books are faves. Elizabeth George and Inspector Lynley…again…I love these books.

But I have a special fondness for Alex Grecian and his Murder Squad. Sordid conditions, the beginnings of a sort of CSI, and the constant threat of Jack…I love these books. In his newest one Walter Day has been abducted by Jack for a year! It takes a second to get back into these and I love every word.

These books really should be read in order to get their full glorious effect!

Most of these books are always in foggy London, there are always street urchins, meat pies, tea, vermin and of course Jack…that would be Jack The Ripper.

Pictures in my head always look like this. I don’t think Victorian England smells particularly good, either. People always seem to hold handkerchiefs over their noses and foods spoil quickly. Yikes!
But that and Evil Jack and the suspense are what makes these books so good!

So…I am deep into his newest one and loving it! I hope it’s the end of Jack and his very sharp razor.

Other stuff!

Den is totally finished with his Invisilign braces today. His teeth are beautiful!

Between the two of us we have had three braces interventions. I wore braces twice…Den once. Today he gets his bottom teeth wired on the inside and an impression for his top teeth retainer…to be worn forever!

How are we going to celebrate! Den is going to chew gum for the first time in 3 years! I bought him his very own pack! Invisilign braces are relatively easy but the delight in not having to wear them…is incredible!


We are staying home today…all day long. It’s going to be 70 here this afternoon. Kitties are ready for a walk around the ‘hood!

Roxie thinks this is how we will roll…heeheehee!

Have a great day!




13 thoughts on “Tea And A Meaty Pie?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I love the title! Tea and a meaty pie…sounds good. I also love English mystery writers, with their DCIs, and the settings, etc.

    Congrats on the end to braces…I never had them, but probably should have done at some point after my teeth started to move around. Weird!

    Enjoy your day…and thanks for sharing.


  2. Stefanie says:

    Oh, how funny these furry babies get taken for walks. I don't see that really around the Bay Area. I know what's Den been through as I haven't chewed gum for at least five years now. It won't happen still anytime soon as I'm still in the process of getting crowns. I wore braces from like 5th grade to 7th. What a waste of money as most of my teeth had to be extracted in 2011. I looked up this series and added the first.


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