My Pretties!

For some reason I never read the book that I think I want to read next…or rather I make a reading plan and then I discard it when something prettier and shinier appears…so here are my prettier shinier books!

From Amazon…

“… Incandescent, with visceral and gorgeous descriptions of flavors, pitch-perfect overheard dialogue, deep knowledge of food, wine, and the restaurant business . . . Danler aims to mesmerize, to seduce, to fill you with sensual cravings. She also offers the rare impassioned defense of Britney Spears. As they say at the restaurant: pick up!”



OMG…this sounds sooooo delicious! My copy is from Amazon…but…first I am scanning this book for foods that pop up…and going to get them!
A missing professional problem solver and a quest to find him…in 1703…it’s a series but a stand alone one…we shall see!

Ok…off to read for a while and then get moving…I am kind of unmotivated today but I can’t tell you why until tomorrow! Heeheehee!








9 thoughts on “My Pretties!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I have been making and breaking my plans like crazy lately…I still must start reading my Vine book, A Girl's Guide to Moving On…maybe tomorrow? Meanwhile, I started Miller's Valley last night and I'm loving it. I also started a book I've had for a while and had no plans to read any time soon: Duplicate Keys, by Jane Smiley. (Reading two books at once?).

    That Sweetbitter has made me curious. Why is there a broken wine glass on the cover? LOL


  2. Stefanie says:

    My reading has been slow due to my initial disinterest in a historical romance my mum had passed along some time ago. Been waiting for an eBook to be available as I'm next in line for it. But I read more of the romance and like it more.


  3. DMS says:

    What an interesting cover! I would enjoy a lazy day at home reading- but I don't see one in the near future. Glad you are having one though and I am curious about your news!


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