Home Alone!!!

Den is at the office today…so…this day is kind of my fun day! Not because he’s gone but because it reminds me of my old life. Or one of my old lives…not the life where I taught 7 year olds and was exhausted all of the time…but the life where Den worked and I didn’t and my days were more or less structured. On those days I would work out, take a stroller walk with Lucy or Roxie or both…tidy the house, do laundry, tackle a major project, paint a piece of furniture, prep for dinner, set the table, work in the garden, write my novel, take an art class…ok…teasing about the last two…and be showered and relaxed by noon! Ready for drinks and dinner with Den!

Those were the days!

Now that Den is home more…I am a touch more “structured”…sort of.


I just finished this “coming of age” novel…it was really good…and took place in Ohio…where I grew up! Lots of familiar landmarks and references to Friday night football’ high school, graduation parties…but it was sad and dark and intense.

This one is irresistible and it is by one of my favorite authors…there is just a mystery about where all of these characters are headed…everyone has a secret. Everyone is mindful of something! And it’s not all good. I will finish this soon…probably tonight.


Up next…I think that this is kind of a YA contemporary/fantasy…about a girl who can move through dreams.

So…it’s 4:18 and the girls and I are showered and relaxed…waiting for Den for drinks and dinner!

Have a lovely weekend…




10 thoughts on “Home Alone!!!

  1. DMS says:

    I love the sound of your day! It sounds like one of my beak from school days. 🙂 Always so relaxing! The books you shared sound interesting. Hey- I lived in OH too! Of course, it was for a very short time from ages 2-5, but we went back and visited old friends almost every year until I was in college. 🙂


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