Pictures Were Gone! I Just Reposted! What A Blogging Mess I Am In!

Wednesday flew by without a blog post from me…but…I have reasons! 

It was…

Roxie And Lucy Have To Go To The Vet For A Check Up Day! 


Roxie gets her yearly physical…she is fine other than having a severe reaction to her rabies shot so this year we are doing the shot separately…we are taking her first thing in the morning…she is getting a shot of Benedryl…then her rabies shot…and she is staying there until they close…so she can be monitored. This will be one entire day devoted to worry…on my part. But she gets to bring her own lunch. Roxie is so tiny! She weighs 6.9 pounds! 

Lucy goes in every 6 months…for blood work and an elder kitty physical…cold laser has helped her knee immensely! Bea (our vet) says she has great muscle tone. Lucy weighs about 9 pounds. Generally Den and I both take them in two separate carriers. Once we get to the exam room…Roxie explores and Lucy just screams. 


So we dropped them off at home and zipped out for lunch and a quick trip to Trader Joe’s. We had a need for these. And a need for some other Trader Joe’s things…hummus, Thai Chicken Salad, goat cheese, tiny jarred olives that we are addicted to and triple ginger thins…plus we wanted to make goody gift bags for the vet and the office staff to make up for Lucy’s howling and because they are so sweet there…

So after lunch we wanted to sit and watch Happy Valley and one more Colombo…so we did! I think that every “old” actor and actress in the world has been on Colombo! I saw Janet Leigh shoot her husband, Robert Vaughn shoot his GF, Dick Van Dyke shoot his really mean wife, John Cassavetes shoot his GF and more…I have no clue why I never really even watched this series before but I love it on Netflix! 


Just finished this…it’s a first attempt at a mystery…actually the start of a cozy mystery series with two retired ladies as the main characters…Hope and Maggie. In this first book the “girls” are vacationing in Maine at a quaint inn and an irritating guest is murdered! It was good! 


Now I am reading this…a young girl, a dying grandmother and her last wishes. 

So…this is kind of my Wednesday/Thursday combo post! 

Den is putting some of those yummy Trader Joe’s olives into a drink for us! I need it! Apple had an upgrade and now Blogsy won’t work…I am posting for now on Blogger until I figure this out! 





15 thoughts on “Pictures Were Gone! I Just Reposted! What A Blogging Mess I Am In!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I used to watch Colombo every week when it was a network show…and nowadays, there are reruns on the Hallmark Channel. But I must also add it to my Netflix queue, since I haven't been watching the reruns and don't remember all the details of the show back in the day.

    I love Beth Gutcheon's books…so I bookmarked this one on Amazon. Can't wait!

    Sorry about Lucy and Roxie's travails…but how great that you got treats.


  2. bermudaonion says:

    The pictures were really slow to load but it might be me – our internet has been awful lately.

    We used to have to do the same thing with our dog when she got her shots. It was very traumatic for me.


  3. Tes says:

    Oh those Peanut Butter cups are like my best friend. We don't have Trader Joe's here so whenever someone make a trip to US, I always beg them to bring some for me.


  4. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    I am glad the girls are both doing so well. That is always good news.
    My Internet has been crazy! The WiFi keeps kiching out. Then the destop started it. AT&T has been no help. I need it fixed!
    I really need that book by Carrie Firestone! ❤


  5. Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons says:

    I believe I used to watch Colombo w/my grandmother when she used to babysit us. I wish success for your furry babies. Shots are never fun. My girls used to cry before the pediatrician even touched them. The book looks good and GR is having a giveaway! Entered that.


  6. Argie says:

    Years ago I read a book called Still Missing by Beth Gutcheon. For some reason, I have never read any of her other books. But I wanted to mention this one to you because if you have not read it, it is definitely a not to be missed book! Really enjoyed it and there is a movie based on it starring Kate Nelligan and Judd Hirsch that is worth a look also. Thank you for reminding me about this author, maybe I will give her another look.


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