Two Upstairs Closets And Books!

So…this is the story of the two upstairs closets…well one is actually a hutch…and how I stored everything I didn’t want to deal with…inside…in a totally disorganized manner. So whenever we had guests and I needed to freshen sheets in guest rooms…I had no clue where doubles, twins, queens and kings were. Martha Stewart videos showed me how to fold fitted sheets but I never actually “got” it. So…I rolled everything into a ball and shoved. But lately this arrangement has been bothering me and now I only love white sheets so…we purged and we now have sheets and towels for Big Brothers as well as sheets for my sister Paula’s lake house. And…the guest bath linen closet was so filled with towels that I could not even close it…and now…

Ta da! Here are the results of our Saturday cleaning.

I have a stack of new hand towels and two more sets of bath towels in the dryer. But that’s it. For now? Yes…for now!

I should have taken before photos…


Of course you know I finished this…and…loved it!

Today I am about to tackle this one…so unlike me to choose this kind of book but I like stretching my reader’s vision?

Here’s the scoop!

From Amazon…

“Following The Highest Tide, Border Songs, and Truth Like the Sun, Jim Lynch now gives us a grand and idiosyncratic family saga that will stand alongside Ken Kesey’s Sometimes a Great Notion.”

Plus this…

“A cautionary tale of obsession and what it can cost tells of three generations whose devotion to sailing holds them together until it sunders them…. Lynch dissects an uncommon family with, after all, more than one thing in common in a highly readable tale.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred)

Off to grab some lunch…and sneak in a Columbo…my obsession runs deep for this weird police drama!






12 thoughts on “Two Upstairs Closets And Books!

  1. Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons says:

    I probably checked out Martha's way to fold sheets but haven't tried it yet. Need to refresh my memory. Storage sucks in our house; there's hardly any. I am dying for new towels one day. Ours are grungy but we make do for now. Happy reading to you.


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