Such Lovely Books!


So…Saturday…our goal was to clean out the two downstairs closets. One was in the entry way hall way, the other was in the back hall way…I knew that the entry way one would be Den’s distraction because he had no clue that I have been stashing 20 years worth of photos in a bin buried in there. Oh my!

He looked at and reminisced over every photo! It’s where we found this hidden gem!

I used to have a poster…seriously a poster sized blow up…of this photo with my first Siamese kitties…Sam and Katie! It was for Reading Is Important week at my school. I was the queen of white socks…I wore them with everything!


New books!


Swimsuit Body …it’s actually a mystery…first in a series…

Hope And Red…mystery, fantasy, dystopian…

Start Where You Are…like I need one more self exploratory journal…

Towers Falling…a novel 15 years after 9/11…

aunty lee’s chilled revenge…a cute mystery…

The After Party…Texas socialites? This author wrote the Yonahlossee Girls Riding Camp…which I loved…

The Summer Guest…big, bold, historical…about Chekov’s journal…

The Midnight Watch…a novel of the Titanic and the Californian…a nearby ship that did not help…

Dodgers…a coming of age book…

Plus this was a surprise from Penguin…it’s not the start of summer without a Jane Green book…


I am reading this book right now…total fantasy about a library…so almost Harry Potterish…and also reminds me of Deborah Harkness and her Discovery Of Witches…I am in love with this book!


Finished these over the last few days…

This book was so beautiful. Rural PA, just after WWI, Annabelle is bullied by Peggy…sooo heartwarming…not the bullying but the family involved.

A fun light beach book…
This is the book I thought I would love but I didn’t love it the way I thought I would.

Today is Mulch Day!

I really hate Mulch Day…

Have a great day…



25 thoughts on “Such Lovely Books!

  1. Rita @ View From My Home says:

    My son has been doing the same with old photos– I get to see my big eyeglasses & awkward clothing phase, but also my lovely kids and pets changing over the years. Memories! I love that photo of you– you chose a book I love my children didn't because it was too sad for them 🙂

    So many good books, wow! I'm scribbling down all the new-to-me titles now to check out further. Thanks, Patty!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I love the photo! You look very happy there with your kitties and your white sox. LOL.

    I'm glad to see you are participating in this event…love the look of your books. I haven't read any Eileen Goudge in ages…and if it's a mystery, I must!

    I hope to get the Jane Green from NetGalley…I requested it, and so far, they haven't failed me. LOL


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    Our first two kitties were Siamese…then a Tonkinese and now Lucy and Roxie are both Tonks! I never had a cat until I met Den in Tampa! He brought a rescued Siamese to our wedding.


  4. Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons says:

    The Invisible Library sounds good as does Hope and Red. I've added those to my TBR. I will try out Eileen Goudge but my library doesn't carry this Cypress Bay series. They have her other fiction books so I'll try one to see what her writing is like. Are you staying cool? It's 88° here which is a bit cooler than the weekend, one that I didn't know actually reached the low 90's. The house was cool Saturday but Sunday you could tell it was warm.


  5. Kathryn T says:

    Hopefully I will get to Falling this year when it comes out. Have become a new admirer of Jane Green. I have Mystic Summer to read too. Love the pic that was refound, photos sure take you back.


  6. Debbie Rodgers says:

    Like everyone else, I love the photo – and the book you're holding.

    I've never heard of Jane Green. (don't shoot me! -holds hands over head-) But it sounds like I might have to check her out.

    I saw Dodgers in someone's Mailbox Monday today – it looks to be very thought-provoking.


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