A Day Of Rest And More White Socks?

Today we are not mulching!

That’s the good thing. But the bad thing is that we have dental appointments at 2:15…ick.

But after that we are taking ourselves to Victory Brew Pub for a late lunch/early dinner.

And now…since those old photos have been unearthed and rescued…I have to share one more…that’s my second grade classroom in St. Louis…check out those white socks! What was I thinking? Plus I had really poofy bangs!

And then…in this old photo…this is our house when we lived in St. Louis…but…see that bunny on the TV? I can’t find it anywhere. I probably would not have even noticed that I can’t find it but now it’s making me crazy. I want that bunny! I loved that bunny! It was my favorite bunny!

Where is my bunny?

The sad thing is that while we are in the midst of cleaning out the basement…we found two huge moving boxes that we never ever unpacked from our move from St. Louis.

Should we be afraid to open them? Could my beloved bunny have been packed away for all these years?

Oh my!


This one was a speedy read and totally ridiculous fun that involved Dominatrixes, Drag Queens, a daughter who thinks she is a dog and a pregnant pig!

Starting this…

“Though the swiftly moving plot offers plenty of surprises, it’s the realism with which the author, a seasoned Boston criminal prosecutor who’s now a legal consultant for TV shows, depicts varied worlds from Brahmin glitzy to Roxbury gritty that will make readers eager for Abby’s next adventure.” –Publishers Weekly

Still loving this…I read it long into the night last night…

Off to floss really well!





14 thoughts on “A Day Of Rest And More White Socks?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I know what you mean! I often wonder where something I loved has gone…and suspect the bins that were never unpacked. A reminder that one should have detailed labels on those! Too late, now, though. Hope you find it.

    Love the old pictures.

    I am laughing out loud with Mother Knows Best. Hilarious!


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