So…Today It’s All About My Books!

Once we calmed down from all of our beachy thoughts…and once the kitties got over being outraged about being left with a sitter…we had a relaxing Sunday! We do both have Bethany Beach cams on our iPads so we can dream about the ocean and watch the ocean and contemplate life near an ocean. Our latest thought about our situation is that we still continue prepping to sell here. If we decided to buy in Bethany Beach it would not be a house we would live in full time and it wouldn’t be ready until late late late fall anyway.

We are proud of this almost decision.

It gives us wiggle room.

We thrive on wiggle room.

Since I have Den hooked on Columbo,too…seriously in all of his rain coated cigar ash dripping glory…we had Columbo on in the background while we both read papers and iPads and books. Den is loving Sweetbitter. I love it when we both have a book in front of us! I just love it.

I finished this. It’s the first in a trilogy and really creepily good. It’s a private boys’ school and secret societies mixed in with other scary stuff. I can’t think of a book that this reminds me of…it is quite unique! How’s that for a proper review?

Reading this right now…I just started it so I will know more about it tomorrow.

New books from Amazon and Edelweiss and NetGalley and their awesome publishers…


All summaries are from Amazon…


The Night Bell…”the brilliantly paced and irresistibly suspenseful new novel in the Detective Hazel Micallef series takes this “perfectly original” (Gillian Flynn) detective into the maelstrom of two murder cases.”

The Hamilton Affair...”set against the dramatic backdrop of the American Revolution, and featuring a cast of iconic characters such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the Marquis de Lafayette, The Hamilton Affair tells the sweeping, tumultuous, true love story of Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler, from tremulous beginning to bittersweet ending—his at a dueling ground on the shores of the Hudson River, hers more than half a century later after a brave, successful life.”

The Perfect Girl…”From Gilly Macmillan, the international bestselling and Edgar Award nominated author of What She Knew, comes this whip-smart, addictive, and harrowing novel of psychological suspense—perfect for fans of Paula Hawkins and Kimberly McCreight.”

The American Girl…”From a bright new talent comes a riveting psychological thriller about an American exchange student in France involved in a suspicious accident, and the journalist determined to break the story and uncover the dark secrets a small town is hiding.”

happy family…”Tracy Barone’s mordantly funny debut, a fiercely independent woman is forced to come to terms with the family who raised her, the one who gave her away and the one she desperately wants.”

That’s all I have for today!

Have a great day!




20 thoughts on “So…Today It’s All About My Books!

  1. Patty Magyar says:

    Everyone I know says that about edelweiss…but you have to be on the right page to search for books. I love that you can store reviews and add reviews of books you didn't get from edelweiss.


  2. Kathryn T says:

    Hope all goes well with the sale of your house and you get exactly the right offer. Agree with you, once you get the hang of Edelweiss it's rather good. But I am staying away from there and NG till I get read a few more books!


  3. Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons says:

    Okay, I think I just may have been sold on Sweetbitter. Servers have a hard job. I read in my News Feed I think how a server posted on Twitter or IG or FB how one table had a bill of a few hundred dollars and didn't even tip. She said not tipping could be less groceries for the month to feed the family. That really made me think although I am a good tipper.
    It has been a long while since I've read such a long book and a book even in a day. It felt good.


  4. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I have Emma Cline's The Girls…but probably won't be reading it until later next month. I so want a copy of The Perfect Girl! I guess I'll wait until it is released and buy it. I couldn't find it on NetGalley.

    Enjoy your beachy thoughts and plans! Your kitties are hilarious…acting abandoned because they have a sitter. LOL


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