A Much Better Day!

I know it’s vanity. I know it’s ridiculous. But I am just not ready to have gray hair yet. I think I am doomed because my mom had lustrous silvery hair until the day she died. I have her hair. Not white yet but enough grays popping in to freak me out totally. And even though my salon uses a special organic color for me…if it touches my scalp I will have a reaction…and it’s not pretty. Lauren…my incredible stylist…foils every section of my hair…not a drop touches my scalp. And she even supervises the rinsing and washing. She has it down perfectly. I take a Benedryl before I go but I still end up with a teeny headache. It’s weird. But it’s working. For now. And I drag out the time in between color…now we go every 8 weeks…and there are cool things to use to cover gray roots. This one is amazing. It has a tiny sponge in the bottom and you pat light roots away!

Started these…love them both…June is so beautifully written I can’t stand it.

Hey everybody! It’s Pasta Thursday!

We are having this for dinner. Everything is cooked in one pan…baked in the oven! Thank you, Chelsea from Chelsea’s Messy Kitchen! It is very cool here today…we need some warm pasta. I have local sauce and spinach and kale and broccoli rabe turkey sausage for this pasta dish! Doesn’t this look amazing? And again only one pan!

I am out of here! I am so happy to be at home all day today after yesterday!





12 thoughts on “A Much Better Day!

  1. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    Patty, I am not sure how old you are, but you do realize that grey hair is normal, right? It is kind of another rite of passage, a way that Mother Nature says, “You made it.” It doesn't make you any “less”, anymore than it makes you any “more”. It is just “normal”. You look great no matter you hair colour. Really. And health issues are far more serious…including “reactions”!


  2. Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons says:

    It's funny how there are those purposely dyeing their hair grey/silver. I have the girls pluck out my greys time to time. I can't help it. I thought I'd get them after 50 not at 42. That's pretty cool there are organic hair dye products out there. I'm glad you have a day of rest.


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I have been having my hair colored for a few years now, although I didn't have grey hair early. My second husband had grey hairs here and there when we met, and he was 22! LOL. (You're probably wondering how I managed a 22-year-old second husband, when I already had two kids…I was 27!).

    It helps to have my daughter as a stylist…and she regularly foils my hair, too.

    I loved June…glad you are liking it, too.


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