So…As We Sit Here Shivering…

It is wet and cold and rainy here. We have not seen the sun in over two weeks. I don’t have any flowers planted. The east Coast is very dreary! We are still wearing long sleeves!

We are still eating soup! We are still sipping hot teas.


But there is good news! I finally finished this! I am not sure I liked all of these different scenarios…especially near the end. It was such a good book but it wore me out! Too many scenarios…too many choices…too any people!

Reading this…again…that private girls school thing that can be so good…not sure about this one, though…time will tell…it starts out with a ton of secrets, lots of haves and one little have not.

So…the week end is a relaxed one for us. Just staying in trying to stay warm. Normal May activities are postponed…no trips to Farmers Markets, no trips to gardening centers…just hanging out watching the rain fall…reading and playing this new game I am hooked on. You can’t imagine how much fun this game is. I never spend money on games and I just bought $20.00 worth diamonds so I could upgrade my Breakfast Cafe! I hate myself. Seriously…

I am out of here until Monday!




12 thoughts on “So…As We Sit Here Shivering…

  1. Rita @ View From My Home says:

    Sorry about your rainy trend and so-so book trend! “the sun will come out tomorrow” or so says Annie, anyway. We also have rain here on the west coast after two gloomy dry days. The dogs are not used to wetness anymore out here and don't like to go out in it now.

    That game looks like fun! I play a couple of games that you buy for a few dollars and then don't have to pay anything else: a solitaire type and a match-3 type, when I want to just veg out.

    Have a great weekend!
    Rita @ new address


  2. lakesidemusing says:

    It's very dreary and cold here, too. Starting to think we should have stayed in FL a little longer. I'm wearing socks and making soup this afternoon. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


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