The Weather!

I am spending too much time with this book but it is so good. Cece is married but has this obsessive need to be with Joan. Cece says it’s to make sure Joan is ok…Joan…who drinks and has secrets and goes off with men…but Cece’s obsession is getting really weird! This book is big! Texas oil money, designer clothes, nannies, maids…it’s a big old Texas big money kind of book!

And I am finally done!


It is another dreary weird 52 degree day here on the East Coast!

I can’t even remember what it’s like to sit out on the deck. Our deck furniture isn’t even out yet! No flowers have been planted! It’s a very weird spring!

We see little glints of sun…we get all excited…and then it’s gone and it’s gloomy again!

Even my girls are depressed!

We feel very gloomy here!

We need flowers and sun and heat!

Up next…I think I thought this was going to be a beach book…but it’s about Anton Chekhov and a lost manuscript. I may be way out of my comfort zone here…sigh!




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