The Quest For More Flowers…

We decided to go to Wolff’s Apple House for more flowers today.

How can I explain Wolff’s…hmmmm…I don’t think I can! But…you can pretty much buy everything there…any flower in the world plus you can buy lunch there, too! Salads, pierogis, pulled pork, pickles, pasta, plus the most amazing produce! And pies! You can buy pies there! Everything they sell is as organic as you can get and as local as you can get. I am proud to say I helped two elderly gentleman spend $7.95 on a quart of local strawberries!

And I encouraged them to buy Angel Food Cake and whipped cream to have with their local berries!

I love to help people!

Here is my collage of Wolff’s!

And if you are thinking we were able to walk out of there without cinnamon and pumpkin donuts…you are so wrong.

So I have arranged all of the plants the way I want them…Den is planting them…I just got my nails done!

Reading this…still…it’s wonderfully good!

So…we are beautifully hot and sunny here today…but the week end is going to be cold, wet and gloomy!


Have an awesome week end!





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