Summer Flu?

I hope I don’t have that “superbug” that was on the nightly news yesterday. I feel lethargic, not hungry and I have tummy cramps. Brian Williams says that the only person who has it lives in Pennsylvania. Yikes! Plus both kitties keep watching me…suspiciously. They say cats know when you don’t feel well. I hope they don’t think I have that superbug! I think that they are chatting about me!

I did nothing today but watch Diagnosis Murder…starring Dick Van Dyke and his son…Columbo is out and Diagnosis Murder is my new obsession. I started my book…but I fell asleep. Then Den made me mashed potatoes…my “sick” comfort food…I plan on a big dinner of jello later. Oh…and our air conditioner just stopped working…and the estimate to stain the deck is outrageous. Not a great day!

I hope to read more later…after jello…


Ok…off to shower…




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