Is It Sandal Season Finally?

Okie dokie! It’s time! Finally! Time to flip flop sun dresses, sandals and shorts for all of my long sleeved tees and yoga pants. It’s a quick change out for me because I just switch out one dresser of winter stuff for summer stuff. Everything else is already in other closets, drawers…etc. I have a ton of crinkly summer sundresses that I love to wear at home…so keeping them bunched up in a drawer is not an issue at all! It’s my toss and throw method of changing out drawers.

Then I need to change out winter shoes and booties for strappy slides and sandals. This is a weird year for me for clothes because I have not liked some of the stuff out there…so I have been restrained…plus I have tons of stuff from last summer to wear. But…I did just buy these…love them…found them at Revolve.

So…books…I finished my two YA from yesterday…
But I am still working on these…
Soldier is total dragon fantasy…
With Malice is a mystery…with a twist…

Plus I have a new and weird tv addiction…I think I have seen every Columbo by now but I am totally fascinated with something called Diagnosis Murder! It stars Dick Van Dyke and his son and they live at the beach and solve murders. It’s totally addictive. So…they happen to be on the Hallmark Channel…a channel I usually never watch but they have these cool mysteries called the Bake Shop mysteries and the Tea Garden Mysteries…I watched one yesterday that was so much fun! What have I been missing? Plus all of the mysteries are based on cozy mystery books. And new ones begin on Sunday!

Off to attack summer!



This is what I see when I put down my iPad…apparently Lucy feels that it’s her lunch time!




14 thoughts on “Is It Sandal Season Finally?

  1. Ti says:

    I do not own much in the way of clothes and since we don't have defined seasons switching out drawers and closet items is never a thing I do but it sound exhausting every time you do it!

    How is the house hunting coming along? Trying to catch-up on my blog reading.


  2. bermudaonion says:

    I've been in sandals for months! I've bought a lot of clothes but only one pair of shoes this year. I did order a pair of super cute shoes but had to return them because they were too wide. I tried on a pair yesterday that fit great but I thought they looked like old lady shoes. I am an old lady but don't always want to look like one.


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    My way is easier because most of my stuff can stay out…Den goes through a massive overhaul every season…it exhausts me. Still deciding about the beach houses…we have some time because nothing will happen this season…the developer develops only a few houses at a time….we could have started our little cottage but we would have lived in the midst of construction for months…and now Den wants us to think about living there full time…but I am unsure of that!


  4. Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons says:

    I bought some Madden Girl slides, similar to Birks b/c the cushioned Champion slippers I bought didn't support my high arches. So I went to DSW and found some great New Balance flip flops for the house and the Madden Girls for outdoor. I love how they support my arches which affect my legs and back if they're not. I tried on one of the Born wedge cork sandals; it was so cushiony but no arch support. Was sad about that.


  5. Patty Magyar says:

    I love when the bottoms are cushiony…I have been looking at these for a week and finally I just couldn't resist!
    Plus I have not unpacked my last summer sandals so I am not even sure what I have! But I loved these!


  6. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I am also addicted to the Hallmark Channel, and love the Bake Shop and Tea Garden mysteries….Alison Sweeney is in the bake shop ones, and I'm a fan from when she was on Days of our Lives.

    I haven't watched Columbo or Diagnosis Murder since they were on Hallmark…but I often have that channel on, muted, when I am reading. So it feels as though they're with me. LOL.

    It has only been in the last few months that my provider added the Hallmark Channel…I had asked them about it numerous times, wondering if they would finally provide it, so yay! I'm happy about it.

    There's also a mystery series on that channel with Brooke Shields, too, called “Mum's the Word.” Another new one comes this Sunday.

    So I'm with you on this addiction…


  7. Stephanie Faris says:

    I just shove my winter stuff to one end of my closet and move the summer stuff to the front! Like you, for winter it's long sleeves and yoga pants. In the summer, it's capri yoga pants and capri jeans with short-sleeved shirts. My pajamas are taking up more of my closet than ever, I'm noticing!


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