Friday’s Fancies?

More of my flowers around the deck…

A close up of the pots…we tried to put some mosquito repellent plants in the pots since we are so close to the pond! But basically we just overstuff them and let them go crazy!
The only things we put in the ground…tons of wave petunias…have been grazed, eaten and devoured! By baby bunnies?
Some freed from school little boys on scooters racing around the pond caused the ducks to flee into the pond!

This book has started out really great…hopefully it will stay that way!



I am out of here until Monday!

Enjoy your week end!




12 thoughts on “Friday’s Fancies?

  1. Ti says:

    The pots looks lovely. I was noticing how nice that sandy colored rock looks. We need to take out our lawn since the drought has killed it but out here, even with proper prep, weeds come up through the rock and it's a real pain. I have no idea what to do with our backyard. I really want to cement it over or use flagstone pavers or something. It's such a large space.


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    The rocks are under both decks…and anywhere it was awkward to mow. I think Den sprays a mixture of Epsom Salts and water on any weed that dares to show its weedy little face!


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