Tuesday’s Trivia!

Tummy troubles are not gone but I am feeling sooooo much better today!

I woke up this morning to one kitty sleeping next to me on my pillow and another kitty tucked into my waist. I opened my eyes and saw Den reading on his side of the bed all alone! Apparently Lucy and Roxie know how to use him! They sit on his chest to get him up…he feeds them, gives them fresh water and then they fall in next to me for their morning nap!

As much as they love him they will get up out of a deep sleep to follow me anywhere!



Reading these is succession…The Dollhouse is about the Barbizon Hotel in NYC…


Bowl foods continue to fascinate me!

These are from The Kitchen…

Upside down BBQ chicken salad…

Upside down steak salad…
Upside meatball bowl…

The weather here today is amazing…Den and I have a date to sit on the deck and read…he is reading Lilac Girls and loving every bit of it! The only sad thing is that he hates when I even mention the book he is reading…he thinks I am going to reveal stuff! Well…maybe I am!





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