Just A Thought Or Two…

So…this was a book about a big Jewish family…their cousins and siblings and friends…their holidays and finances and children and careers…it started off so fresh and good and interesting but by the last quarter of the book I just wanted to be done with it…seriously done!


So…now I can focus on this book…which is really good!

Den wanted to shop today…I was not in the mood…so we turned him loose on Trader Joe’s and Costco and Walgreen’s and The Farmer’s Market!

Armed with a list for every store…he had fun!

Off to watch the news…how depressing will that be?




12 thoughts on “Just A Thought Or Two…

  1. Stefanie says:

    How entertaining that your husband is a shopper. My husband has to be armed with a list also he likes to get in and get out. I like to maw everything and peruse every aisle.


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