Not So Chipper, Not So Perky, not So Me!

Feeling totally zapped…I sit here and wonder where my energy has gone…where I have gone. I don’t feel like going downstairs because it is exhausting to go back upstairs…that’s my life today! So…I read and watch tv and think about how much fun I used to be. Just like my mom…I was a funny girl! I seem to have lost my funny!

I pray I can find it again!

Finishing Falling…but I still have the feeling I read this book before…

I might read this one next…

Or this new Flavia I was just sent! I love Flavia!

Or…this one…I seem to be reaching for sweet romantic books lately….except for Flavia!

Big hugs!


This is the way my girls surround me….


20 thoughts on “Not So Chipper, Not So Perky, not So Me!

  1. Debbie Rodgers says:

    Oh, Patty, I'm sad and sorry that you're not chipper. I'm sure you'll get your happy back, though. It'll just take some more rest and self-care.

    I LOVE Flavia too. Lucky you to have the next book!

    Take care!


  2. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    I had my most recent surgery 2 1/2 years ago– I've had several– and afterwards I felt so “yucky” and not myself that I became depressed.

    Please make sure Den knows you are feeling down and keeps you company when he can, even if it is just to watch Columbo or Murder She Wrote together, with a cup of tea. Your kitties must've missed you so much! Now they will cuddling with you and trying to raise your spirits; they must know you aren't feeling like yourself. Best wishes!


  3. June says:

    Illness and hospitals do that. They make us recognize how vulnerable we really are. I've been there more than once and my husband recently, too *sigh*. Praying for you. Is that little girl in the middle you?! 🙂 ♥


  4. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I am very sorry that you are not feeling yourself…but you will get it back! I love the pix of the girls curled up around books and devices.

    Falling is a book I hope to start reading…today, maybe. Now I'm reading One True Loves.

    Sorry about the late visit…yesterday, with the exterminator, etc., I wasn't around much.

    Take care!


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