My Reading Dilemma…

I am shocked and appalled at the sheer number of books I have started and stopped this month. Add to that the number of ebooks I have on hold at both Delaware and Pennsylvania Libraries. I just spent $40.00 on an out of state Delaware Library card because Delaware gets newer books faster than Pennsylvania plus you can put a hold on new books that they don’t even have in their system yet and they will get them! I love it! Now all I have to do when I get them is actually read them! I even requested some Audible books but I probably should cancel those.

I have tried many different genres…it used to be that fantasy got me out of a reading slump but lately…the slump is endless. The slump is long. The slump is disturbing. How can watching Beating Bobby Flay and The Pioneer Woman making shrimp with Lad and homeschooling her kids grab my attention when my beloved books can not? I am now looking forward to WAGS MIAMI…and when I woke up last night at 1:11…Manzo’d With Children put me back to sleep when normally a few chapters on a book on my Kindle would have done the trick. Sigh!

Seriously? These are just a few of the books I have started and stopped!

I think I need a book intervention!
Today is a very busy day…for Den. I am still not allowed to really do anything. Our new furniture is coming tomorrow so today is Prep Day! Touch up paint, rug cleaning, moving pieces to other rooms and or storing them in the basement. Leather sofa, chair and ottoman, coffee table, and side table…once we get those in place we will work on lamps, etc. My job is to pace Den…to calm him and make sure he doesn’t do too much!
Our day starts soon!


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