So…I finished all of the fluffy cozy mystery books that I wanted to finish. Whew! They were fun but I can’t read more than one or two of them at a time.

I am reading this by an author that I really enjoyed years ago…sort of stopped enjoying for a while…but this book has me intrigued again.

All of our furniture is here…including my new bedroom chair…which reclines slightly and which is extremely comfortable.
Our reworking of existing pieces was fun. The family room sofa is now in the living room.
The red chair from the family room is in an upstairs bedroom.
The overstuffed chair and ottoman from the family room…now in Den’s study…his new reading chair.
Stored in the basement are the small more formal living room sofa, my antique school desk, a rocker, and a wicker chair and ottoman. Whew!
In our bedroom…the kitties have reclaimed my overstuffed pink ticking chair and ottoman as well as a wicker side table for their water dish. So far they are not very accepting of this new arrangement…they continue to hop on the new chair and over to my nightstand where their water used to be…I know…it’s ridiculous but these two are demanding and we have to live with them. We try to keep their stuff confined to our room as opposed to scattered all over the house. Their beds used to be on a white wicker chaise which is now back in the sunroom and they know something is different. You would think they would be oblivious to these changes but they also seem to think we need their approval. They have been hopping in and out of beds…trying to determine what is different. They have also refused to drink from their new water placement. Roxie actually drank out of my water glass yesterday.
This morning! Finally! Roxie is deep into the blanket on the green bed. And I saw both of them drink water.
My new chair…or should I say our new chair? Both Lucy and Roxie have spent most of yesterday hopping on and off of the chair. Roxie actually crawled up and into the new chair which totally freaked us out and gave me yet one more cause for worry.
As I reread this post I sort of smiled thinking that this sounds like the old Patty…but then I remember that I am not the “old” Patty. I wake up every morning wondering how my body will feel. I have this kind of squeezing feeling of tightness around my chest every day. Some days it’s easy to ignore…other days it isn’t. Moving helps. Tylenol helps. Sometimes crying helps. It’s supposed to mean healing but to me it means hurting.
We still can’t plan dinners properly…I mean we still eat what we would normally eat ( sort of ) but by the time we think about dinner…we are both too exhausted to do anything about it. Every Monday we discuss easy dinners with little prep…Den wants me to just tell him what to do but again…it just doesn’t seem worth it to start cooking something. He does so much that cooking at the end of the day seems wrong. So…we rely on healthy takeout. Soups from local restaurants, sandwiches that are organic and local, the kindnesses of neighbors and friends. Yogurts, cottage cheese, jello and pudding cups…milk…peanut butter, eggs…these are the things we stock up on…yesterday I remembered string cheese and craved that. I am just not that hungry.
And of course every day stuff needs to be done…Den gives me small tasks…folding laundry, dusting…but I sneak in other things if I can. I am sleeping a little better and longer at night as I do more walking but I reach a point of exhaustion every day…actually two points…I wake up tired and I am really tired by late afternoon. My PT…Joanna…tells me I should nap for an hour every day. I try. Right now it’s early morning and I just want to close my eyes…
So…that’s old/new Patty’s life lately!
Take care…



18 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Lisa Driscoll says:

    I also thought this blog sounded a lot like “you”. You know you'll get there. Healing takes so much time and energy and mental strength. Some days will be better than others. As far as the gals and the furniture – I'm in that boat too. Lexie needs to put her stamp of approval on everything that gets moved or replaced. They are such high maintenance little things.


  2. Ti says:

    Is that photo at the bottom of your post a recent pic? You look great.

    The new furniture is exciting. A little alarming to think of Roxie crawling up and through the recliner. She could get trapped in there if you don't know she's there. I guess she'll learn. I would love a nice leather club chair but my pup has taken to running back and forth on the couch and has snagged it a couple of times. Her nails are always trimmed but the couch will have to be replaced so I am not really sure I want to spend a lot on a leather chair.

    Remember when I fell on my face? Well, the pain comes and goes. When it comes, I go to the doc and they can't find anything but then I will go home and my neck will crack like something horrible and then I will be okay. But this time it's not cracking. I know it shouldn't crack but something is obviously wrong with my alignment since that fall because my jaw pops in and out and causes such headaches. I am on day 3 of a headache/jaw ache and just done with it.


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Your furniture rearranging, with things ending up in new places, sounds familiar to me. That's my life! lol

    Enjoy becoming the New Patty, who will have many aspects of the Old Patty before you know it!

    I love that new chair!

    I also love the pink one, but the kitties look good there. Enjoy your day.


  4. Stefanie Ng says:

    How fun to have new furniture arrangements. I'm sure your cats sense, chairwise, where you're spending most of your time in now. Everything is new and still adjusting. It's bumpy now but you'll find your new rhythm soon. Give it time.


  5. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    It sounds like you are doing well. You truly look great, too! Your complexion is vibrant and your hair is adorable. Keep focusing on getting well. You will have your groove back before you know it, and you will be stronger than ever. Just remember what Nietzsche said. Warm hugs, my friend.


  6. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    New furniture is always fun, rearranging it, enjoying the newness of it.. glad you have this distraction this week! I know my cats don't like change, and once I brought in a cheap armchair for them to use but they didn't want it and still slept on the new sofa 🙂

    Glad that you are becoming more interested in your reading and hope you enjoy your books this week. Love the new haircut, too 🙂


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