I am still reading this and I am really just enjoying it…there is no speedreading or deadline for me…just relaxed joyful reading. I may write a review and I may not. For me right now it’s all about just reading the book.

Yesterday was port day…my doctors and nurses need an easy access to a vein. Most of my veins are literally invisible and can’t be found for blood work. Unfortunately I totally didn’t understand what getting a port meant. Twilight sleep, in and out, easy…those were the words I took in. But what it really meant was back to the hospital and checking in and doing the exact same things that I did before the nine hour surgery. Waiting and blood work and finally being wheeled to the surgery floor and waiting some more. This waiting is tense because I was in a hallway watching booted and masked doctors and nurses race around. I could hear bits of their conversations and they weren’t pleasant. Knees and groins and colons and bowels! These were what were being operated on. I tried to go to a quiet faraway zone but I couldn’t make it. I just sat there waiting and listening…especially the groin talk. There were way too many bowel alterations and groin fixes going on!

But finally it was my turn…yikes! The anesthesiologist comes first to chat and because I have difficulty breathing if I lie flat on my back…my diaphragm was cut as a part of the surgery…a concern was raised about twilight sleep. I had to lie on my back absolutely still for the port placement. If I couldn’t do this I would get that tube down my throat thing and sedation. Apparently I could not stay still so they changed to sedation. Today I have a really sore throat! My surgeon told me that she has put in thousands of ports without problems until me…she could not find a vein! My veins lie deep and refuse to surface! An hour surgery including recovery turned into over three hours! Den was in the family waiting room waiting uneasily…more deja vu!

Oh…and while I was in the busy surgery hallway…holding a box of kleenex…wailing…two older nurses scooted close to me to look at my skin and tell me they didn’t believe my age…I still cried. Then the surgeon came over and saw me crying forlornly and she hugged me and cried. Then the anesthesiologist came over and cried. And everyone apparently knew my story…Patty…the girl from the nine hour surgery! They knew of my rapid heart beat, my heparin allergy, the blood clots, the wound vac and now the port! The allergists wants me studied. I say no! I need to get my normal back! Lol!

Anyway…the port is in and I am fine…so far!

Take care and stay healthy. I blame organic food and way too many vegetables for this mess I am in…maybe I need some nitrate filled hot dogs?


Love you all!




15 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Wow, what an ordeal! I have the kind of veins that are hard to find, too…when they do simple things, like bloodwork, they poke me repeatedly. Now I have them take the blood from the veins on my hand.

    I like the idea of reading and enjoying…and not necessarily reviewing. I am getting sick of having to take notes and plan what I'll say in a review! Reading is supposed to be fun! Enjoy….


  2. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    I'm glad you got through yesterday and are in better spirits today! What a horror for you to go through! My younger daughter has the same problem with teeny tiny veins that they have trouble finding.

    I'm so glad that you can just pick up a book that calls your name and read at your own pace, too. Try to relax and find your “zen zone” if possible. We're all pulling for you, Patty πŸ™‚


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    I think I am done with that kind of review for a while…it's not all that important to me any more. I have wanted to let go for a while now…even before my illness. I have read two books this way and it's been awesome…


  4. Ti says:

    Well, it wasn't smooth going but it's done. Again, one step at a time. Those hallways are tense aren't they? My son had to have something done to one testicle and it was supposed to be a very simple thing but ending up being a 6 inch incision and I was waiting in that hallway and hearing all kinds of things. Some bad jokes too. Surgery jokes don't really help lighten the mood.


  5. Janet says:

    Patty, what an ordeal to have your port installed! So glad they were successful. I have lousy veins, and if I'm in your place one day, I would want to have a port. My sister had one for her chemo, and it made getting the drugs in simple. Glad you have what should have been a quicker and easier procedure *behind* you! And glad to see that your sense of humor is intact, my dear. <3


  6. DMS says:

    Patty- I think of you daily and hope you are getting better every day. You have had to deal with a lot and I am glad that you have the port in and that you are able to do some reading.

    Sending you lots of love, hugs, and good wishes.


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