I thought I would be finished with this book yesterday but I am only a measly halfway through…I will finish today because Home is waiting for me…or it should be waiting for me!

I love Overdrive…but I have to wonder about the people reading books ahead of me…I am next to read Home…shouldn’t that be soon? I have been 17th to read Elin Hildebrand’s summer book for over 4 months! You can only keep ebooks for two weeks! So what is up with that? I read my books and return them right away! But apparently not many people do that. I really would love to talk to the person who is hogging the Elin Hildebrand book!

And that’s the problem with Overdrive and libraries. I…naively…thought that reading ebooks through your library online meant instant access…but it truly means unending waiting!


I am still craving all things PUMPKIN! This is a Pumpkin Slab Pie! Who knew there could be such a wondrous thing?

And this…Butternut Squash Gratin!

And this…it’s a White Cannelini Bean Gratin!

And from Simply Recipes…little meatballs and raviolis!

We are desperately trying to have a normal weekend…planting some mums, sitting on the deck, watching some college football…




16 thoughts on “Books…Continued…Cravings…Continued…

  1. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    I read Coben books as auto-buy/borrow, but don't read the Bolitar series, only the stand-alones which are very good –> great, in my opinion.

    I hate to mess with the library e-books. I go and borrow print library books, whatever is on the new release or other shelves, and don't bother with putting my name on waiting lists. I'm an impulsive reader, and I might change my mind if I wait too long 🙂

    Enjoy your Fall weather weekend; the food above is so tempting and wonderful looking, yum!


  2. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    I want the squash! Totally agree about overdrive. I'm almost never less than 20th in line for a book (unless its an old book). I also return as soon as I finish. Do you think some people don't realize it can be returned then? Good thing I have so many other books to read.


  3. Ti says:

    What you seem to be craving is comfort food. I've never seen so many casseroles. All delicious looking. I on the other hand, am craving nothing. A first!

    I have about another hour of work and then I am off to my second physical therapy appointment. I am not really sure what to think. I am convinced my probably is bone related and my docs feel is muscle related. My neck just continued to crack and that is when the headache kicks in along with the facial numbness and dizziness. Days later, it will crack again and feel better but it's back and forth. I was good this weekend until I turned my head to answer a question and then bam… face is all tingly again. Headache is back.

    What are you watching these days on TV? Anything good? I haven't been in the mood for TV but The Walking Dead's big premier is this weekend so I know what I'll be doing on Sunday night.


  4. Patty Magyar says:

    We had a quick doctor's appt…today and stopped to get gyoza…meat and veg…seaweed salad…and noodles…noodles are for dinner and they look so good…your headache symptoms sound so scary, though! Be careful!

    I am watching The Bletchley Circle on Netflix and loving it…this illness has me exploring more tv than ever!


  5. Argie says:

    Well, look at you! Eating, watching TV and READING! All three are some of the best things in life to do. I remember when you were posting that you were afraid you were not going to be able to ever read again. You seem to be feeling some better and getting somewhat back to normal. So glad to see this! Rhonda


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