On To The Next Book…

Finished this early this morning with one cat in my lap and another resting on my leg…with the only light coming from my Kindle. Earlier I watched Roxie try to wake Den up by placing herself on the pillow behind his head…she loves to sniff his hair first…purr a little and then settle down almost on top of his head! I only know this because I am usually up reading or trying to fall back to sleep. Sigh! But at least this morning it was around four and I did fall back to sleep! Yes!

I need light and humor filled after The Masked City…so I am reading this now.

From Amazon…

In the new novel from the author of Losing Me, one woman is about to discover what happens when you take the “grand” out of “grandma.”

So…Garbage Bread…was really good! I dipped mine in a ketchup mayo mixture…I know it sounds gross…but it was so good! You can make it with broccoli and spinach and scrambled eggs and sausage and sautéed potatoes…there is no end to the combinations. Ours tasted like a cheeseburger. I guess I could have eliminated the Velveeta but for certain things I am really into Velveeta! My mom made our toasted cheese sandwiches out of Velveeta and my dad put Velveeta on my lettuce sandwiches…so…every once in a while I buy it…it’s a nostalgic kind of food for me!

A plethora of Garbage Bread!

Off to work out!




10 thoughts on “On To The Next Book…

  1. Ti says:

    Funny how they call all that stuffed bread Garbage Bread. Seems like they could have found a better name.

    Velveeta. You are absolutely right. Some things you just can't sub.


  2. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    I'll be reading Days Like These in a week or two. Hope we like it! If you can't sleep thank goodness you like to read 🙂
    Re Velveeta, every once in a while ya gotta have a comfort food. The garbage bread looks yummy.


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