Finished this but I clearly don’t know how I feel about the ending!

Just read this…in Prevention…


“There’s a strong connection between reading and longevity, says Sublett. Reading is an enjoyable way to stimulate your mind, plus it may actually help you live longer, according to a study from Social Science and Medicine. Individuals who read books for up to three and a half hours or more per week were 17 percent less likely to die over 12 years than non-readers. People who read even more than that were up to 23 percent less likely to die.”

We can never stop reading!

Don’t you think we have this one? I am so propping a book in Den’s hands every night! And forcing him to read for at least 15 minutes before he falls asleep…he can…but he tends to fall asleep!

Books again…some week end options…

I find myself choosing lighter books over the weekend because of football. I want to read while we watch college games on Saturday and NFL games on Sunday. But it has to be lighter reading because Den does not watch any game quietly! So…I am pondering these…but the only light one is the Jenny Colman one…

An almost selfie! No cooperation from Roxie!

So…have an awesome weekend!

Hugs as always…



8 thoughts on “Books…Weekends…Football…Books!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Love those facts about reading! I'm so loving how reading can be more than fun…it can be a life-saver! I also believe that staying connected, via blogging, etc., can keep our minds sharp. Could be true, right?

    Thanks…cute picture of Den and Roxie.


  2. DMS says:

    Looks like you are reading some interesting books. Mixing up lighter and heavier reads has always helped me. I can't handle heavy reads when I have a lot going on- so lighter ones do the trick. 🙂

    Hope you are feeling well.


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