Oh My!

I have been a little quiet…a little feverish…a litttle out of it because I am in the hospital. My port has to come out…dammit! Tomorrow morning…out Port out! But it will be ok!

I will be ok…I am reading and relaxing and puzzling. I just can’t get to every blog for comments so stay with me please! I would miss you all…way to much if we parted ways now! Be patient with me! Give me some big old virtual hugs!


Drugs are making me sleep a lot…

Hugs until next week!





It was toasted cheese, French fries and chocolate puddin’…I know…I know…but Den ate half and the bread was whole wheat! Heeheehee!





22 thoughts on “Oh My!

  1. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    I wondered if you were okay. You might not be thrilled to be in the hospital again but you're in good hands and you should beat that infection very soon. Best of luck, good wishes, and prayers sent to you cross country. Whenever you get released you can celebrate Thanksgiving with Den and the kitties! It's really more of a feeling in the heart than an exact date, so it's all good!


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