Quite A Week!

And this literally has almost nothing to do with me! We are getting our basement waterproofed. Den carefully pointed out the parameters for the alarm system but the painter shorted out the entire system! His fault…his responsibility…but now we are upgrading our alarm system and there have been people here every single day this week! Then the new refrigerator that we got for the basement will not get icy cold in the freezer side…so they are coming on Friday…morning…and some leather techs are coming on Friday afternoon to show us how to care for all of the leather.

Whew! Oh…and Roxie has to go to the vet to get pretreated before she gets her rabies shot because she had a reaction last year to her rabies shot…more worries! She will spend a good part of her day there under the watchful eye of Bea…her vet…my sweet baby!


What I Am Reading…

I have been distracted this week! Men are over running every nook and cranny of our house…I am trying to keep Roxie and Lucy safe…but we are stuck upstairs…it’s safer for them…one door open without knowing a kitty could slip out…I would be devastated…I can’t wait to get my house back!

I am reading…

And sometimes switching over to this…

I hate switching but I am distracted…plus today was a long chemo day…and I just crawled into bed to rest…this kind of Beanie is my at home Beanie…it keeps my poor fuzzy head warm!




14 thoughts on “Quite A Week!

  1. Ti says:

    I can't stand to have any work done on the house. It makes me very antsy so I totally understand.

    Your head wrap looks tres chic. You are looking like an artist these days.

    How are you handling the chemo? You look feisty as heck. I take that as a good sign.


  2. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    It is so annoying to have workmen crawling all over and having to keep the cats safe! Hope next week is a peaceful one for you ☺ sounds like your house is becoming a sanctuary.

    You look very chic in your beanie cap, with pretty glasses and lip color, never fear!


  3. Stefanie Ng says:

    How noisy your house must be. I hope you're able to get some rest. I hope Roxy doesn't have a reaction to her rabies shot this year. Is she a wedged-shaped or an apple-shaped Siamese? One of my BFF's and I were talking last night about their Siamese, Charlotte. She educated me on the different types and how they got her.


  4. June says:

    Poor Roxie boo boo…You guys do more work on a house than anyone I know…lol…That'll keep you busy and preoccupied for sure. Loving that cap.I'd look good in one of those too. LOVE YA! 🙂


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