We usually divide up the holiday events…wreaths on one day because Den puts spotlights on them…one in between the garage doors and one on the front door…then some greenery in a basket by the front door and more greenery and a bow on the green wrought iron bench that is always by the front door.


Next up…

Candles in all of the windows…that’s Den’s job, too. He is very organized…they use batteries and he has them in all of the windows quickly.

Usually we then take out all of my cherished Santa’s and snowmen…we put them anywhere we can.

The tree…was up yesterday and decorated but for some odd reason I usually need to go to Pier 1 and Pottery Barn for two or three of their on sale ornaments. I have been doing this forever and we did it today…quickly!

Pier 1…

Pottery Barn…


I love our traditions!




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