So…normally Den and I shop together especially for the holidays but I have been grounded. Den thinks I wil run into too many germs…so we made the lists, we discussed the lists and our phones are ready. Heeheehee…he will be fine. We have traditions for Christmas Eve Eve Dinner and Christmas Eve Dinner and Christmas Breakfast and Christmas Dinner and on the day after Christmas we always have pasta and meatballs! So we are set until Tuesday!

Boy do we love a plan!

We are having pierogis tonight.

Cioppino tomorrow…

Ham and cheese breakfast strata on Christmas morning…from Simply Recipes…

And a tenderloin or filet for Christmas dinner…I am not sure what Den bought…

The day after Christmas…

Back to books…

Having a great time reading this book although something seems so wrong in it…but that’s what is making it sooooo good!

Next…this one for sure…the cover is just too beautiful…

So…I won’t be back until Monday so have a wondrous holiday!

Stay well!






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