A Wednesday Without Words? Highly Unlikely!

Loved this book. It was emotional, frustrating, addictive and wondrous!

Next…this one…yeah…I know…I tossed my fantasies aside for now.

Look at this! I don’t quite get how the cheese stays in!


Need to make this…from the kitchen…pasta and kale…

My protectors…or is it the new soft flannel duvet cover?

So…just a few words…I was true to my word!




12 thoughts on “A Wednesday Without Words? Highly Unlikely!

  1. Ti says:

    I've seen people make grilled cheese in a waffle iron. Makes for some good nooks but in that thing it would definitely ooze out if you put a decent amount of cheese in there.

    That kale pasta looks good. I had pasta last night with zucchini and ground turkey and it was meh. Would have been better with a ton of Parmesan but I am cutting back on stuff so skipped it.


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