A Hazy Lazy Friday…

Today is one of my “fatigue” days so I am just not moving much. One of my favorite nurses at oncology said it’s as though your body operates at 50%…all this time I thought I was operating at 75%. That news made me even more fatigued. I succumb easily to the power of suggestion.

Still reading the gymnastic/mystery book. I don’t think I ever want to see a gymnast’s foot up close…yikes! This feeling is based on descriptions in this yummy book!


As soon as I finish that one…it’s this one…I think! I love the cover!



On “fatigue” days I am not hungry at all. But today Den made pancakes…whole grain…to make me eat…they were amazing.

He uses this mix and it’s really good!


Now my hope is to talk him out of trying to make me eat for the rest of the day…other than small bites!

That’s all the writing I have in me today…off to rest and read…but mostly rest…

Be back on Monday!




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