Well…Here We Sit!

Well…my O negative blood is being juiced up as I write. I am getting two baggies and it takes about 2 hours per baggie.

We have had ginger ale, crackers, lunch, and I have cleared email and finished my yummy Veronica Speedwell book…

I loved this book…Veronica is witty, clever, and funny. Stoker…her partner in “crime” is rakish and daring and dangerously handsome. This author writes so addictively. If you love historical detective books…you will love this one! I can’t wait for the next one…but I do not love the cover of the second book!


Drip…drip…drip…I have had Benadryl, too, and the nurses said I should fall asleep but I think I am more twitchy than sleepy. My trusty boy sits by my side…reading, sometimes sleeping…

I am in hiding with my camo hat!

Now comes the fun part of today…trying to decide what to read next!




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