An Almost Wordless Wednesday…

We seem to be in the midst of damp dull cold dreary endless days. I think that even if I wanted to go somewhere it’s just too dull and gray outside to manage it. Today I sat in the parking lots of the grocery store and The Country Butcher. It’s fun because Den comes out to the car or calls me from inside the store to make sure he is getting everything. The Country Butcher is a sort of gourmet grocery store and prepared food market. Den is hungry for meatloaf and baked beans…we will make those tomorrow…and he bought their amazing chicken salad and pretzel buns for dinner tonight. Their chicken salad has grapes and walnuts in it. Some days it’s nice to just not cook…to have something already prepped for dinner. For dessert we are having jello with walnuts, bananas and whipped cream…I am seriously craving this concoction from my childhood.


Love this book! Love, love love! It’s kind of magical but that’s the point.

So…I am in our room with a cat on my lap in my chair prepping to read. A quilt is on me and Lucy is on the quilt. We are both sort of watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives…I think Lucy loves watching French Fries cook.

We are waiting for Den to finish working in his study so we can watch Episode 3 of The Fall…it’s on Netflix and really good! Really really good! Plus we bought a piece of cheese cake which I need to eat right now!





9 thoughts on “An Almost Wordless Wednesday…

  1. Denise Ward says:

    Hmmm. You have me intrigued about The Fall now. This past weekend I binge watched Schitt's Creek on Netflix, a sort of modern day Green Acres. I found myself truly laughing out loud, & to finish it up, since I have a few more left, I can watch one after work, as it's a good half hour watch when I need something that doesn't require thought. And yes, the weather has been ugh.
    Has Dennis discovered the latest cooking tool? The combo pressure cooker/slow cooker? We don't have one yet, but Ashley is craving one….I see I'm going to have to get one, as she's hauled out my Nanny's pressure cooker & uses it at least twice a week. Makes all kinds of cool tasty foods….


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Okay….here I go again. Blogger objected to my comment…some gibberish about “conflicting edits”?

    If you find my other comment, I apologize.

    I love cozy days…and jello makes me think of my childhood, too. So does meatloaf.

    Enjoy! I love huddling up with quilts…I have a favorite light throw that I like, too.


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