Wintry Weather?

It’s in the 60’s today but tomorrow we are supposed to have 6 to 10 inches of snow. We can handle the snow…it’s the wind gusts that will cause the power to go out and make a beautiful snowy day hateful. Den is out getting gas for the generator. We are trying to sneak into The Country Butcher for sandwich stuff for tomorrow and also dinner. People around here panic and within a few hours there will not be a loaf of bread or jug of milk anywhere in sight! Yikes!

In spite of what I planned to read I am reading something totally different…it’s a translation of a book that was rated highly in Europe this year. I don’t like translations but this story is so good that it’s making the book tolerable. It’s about a school shooting at a private school in Stockholm. It is the court trial of Maja who was involved in the shooting. The book is hard to put down. I read until one-ish last night and then literally passed out into sleep.

So…off to prep for snow!




8 thoughts on “Wintry Weather?

  1. Stefanie Ng says:

    And mahalo plenty about my possum socky socks, Patty. They do look complicated but believe me, they're not. I always recommend starting with a baby sock, Susan B. Anderson's Jelly Bean Socks. There are terrific Youtube tutorials also. Does your sister knit socks?


  2. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    Oh, fingers crossed that you didn't get a ton of snow! I see it on the news now that the northeast got snowed under. We lived in upstate NY during Superstorm Sandy and lost power for 6 days, and couldn't find a generator left for sale anywhere 😦

    It was a humbling disaster, and I wouldn't want to ever relive that week, with 4 of us and our pets, in a cold, dark home with no working stove! Thank goodness you have a generator, and Den is awesome at running much of the household during your illness.

    Hope your week stays calms and pleasant, and thanks for the tip about that book. Sounds like something I would definitely enjoy…


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