One More OMG!

I don’t know what it’s doing outside…I think it’s raining and it’s supposed to keep this up until 6:00. The local news channels have commandeered every channel with relentless chatter about the weather. How many times can you see the same intersection covered in this sleety mess? Now they insist on going block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood! I can’t stand it any more…seriously! Ususally the TV is background noise for me but today it is simply annoying! The only good thing is that we still have power…but we have a long day ahead of us.

After being so excited about the book Small Hours…the minute I read the first page I realized I had already read it…in my own defense it was an ebook with no cover! I rarely make a mistake like this but I think I read so much that sometimes it’s bound to happen…especially when an edoc comes without the real book cover. The minute I read or rather reread the first page of Small Hours I wondered why there were two books with 3 year old twin girls going out to breakfast with their dad while the mother worked frantically to meet a deadline…and then it hit me…sigh! But at least the book sounded really good to me…twice!

Reading this…I will probably spend my day with it. I loved her first book…skipped her second one…and love this one. I needed a tart crisp apple yesterday because of it. It takes place in Wisconsin’s Door County.

Finally feeling more like me…Neulasta hit my body hard this weekend…the only way to explain it is just a lack of motivation and a weariness and aches in every part of my body…unbearable aches. Den did everything this week end…he cleaned the entire house until it gleamed…he did all of my laundry…he folds everything so beautifully…all I have to do is put it away…and he provided a strong shoulder for me to cry on. That’s my Den. Today I feel more normal! Whew!

Have a great day!






11 thoughts on “One More OMG!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I hope your storm stays manageable, with no power outages.

    I have actually picked up a book or two that I've already read…and you're right about those covers; very deceptive. But I'm glad you enjoyed it, as I requested it from Vine. It is probably in my mailbox now.

    Have you noticed that Vine books are arriving with pretty covers these days? (Knock wood!).

    Enjoy your day.


  2. Ti says:

    Are you sure you read it because I read a book with that same opening and it was not called Small Hours. I believe it was called Leave Me by Foreman. If not the same opening, a similar one.


  3. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    I hope the sleety rain lets up and just goes away. I live in Wisconsin so I'm quite familiar with Door County. Haven't been in a long time but we used to go to a B&B there for our anniversary each year. It's so nice.


  4. Stefanie Ng says:

    Sorry it was rough for you recently. Den is such a warrior and he must remember to do what he can as well. I'm glad you're both safe and warm in your house. Yeah, the news can be ridiculous when it comes to coverage of the same event. The redundacy can get tiring.


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