It’s Still Freezing! Seriously!

It is soooooo cold here. But…it could feel really cold to me because it’s been so warm! Our cherry tree flowered. Our other trees had buds! We almost planted purple pansies in our front porch flower pots. We were eating Florida strawberries and talking about putting furniture on the deck.

Sigh! No more of that silly talk for awhile…that’s for sure! Bring on the soups, the stews, the chilis! My kitties won’t even move from their snug beds. Sigh!

Has anyone seen this book out and about anywhere? Isn’t there just something about it that calls to you? It certainly calls to me! Keeping my fingers crossed (and mittened) that it finds its way to me!

I am sort of craving this roasted cabbage from Simply Recipes…I love the way cabbage gets so sweet when it’s roasted. I have a weird obsession with cabbage lately…in cole slaw and casseroles and sautéed. There’s a noodle dish my mom used to make with big fat noodles and sautéed cabbage and sautéed onions and bacon…sort of homey and warming…I think I have to make it soon! But right now I want this!

Our beloved Country Butcher had a sign outside today for Turkey Hoagies…Den and I each got one for lunch…huge mistake…we should have split one but they were so delicious…sort of a gourmet hoagie…roasted turkey and dark green lettuces and fresh tomato and I guess whatever else you put on a hoagie but the hoagie roll was French bread…so good! Speared with toothpicks and packaged so they couldn’t move or slide…and a huge pickle wrapped separately! Perfection…too bad we could only eat half!

But it was a yummy half! Perhaps hoagies for dinner?

I am off to crawl under covers somewhere and try to stay warm!




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