An Ordinary Day!

I forgot to mention that I am also reading this…

It’s from Amazon Vine and I just happened to choose it from my stacks…probably because of the cover. It’s alternately about Tess and Gus and how they are in each other’s lives without really being in each other’s lives…at least so far. Tess is raising her very young sister because their mother died. Hope…the very young sister…is on the autism spectrum. Gus is dealing with the emotions of his parents after the death of an older more beloved brother. The book has changed from ok to really good. I find myself unable to put it down. It just reads pleasantly as well as addictively.

This one…that I started last night…is extremely good. I am barely into it but it’s just really yummy…I will have more specifics about it the more I get into it. But right now yummy is my descriptive word of choice.

Golden Milk…in spite of enjoying the taste and appreciating its benefits…I need a break from it. Den still loves it and is religiously drinking it but I most definitely need to stop for a bit. Instead I am drinking turmeric and black pepper dissolved in warm water. It tastes like a gingery tea. I am still getting the health bennies of turmeric while eliminating the milky part of Golden Milk. You can also drink turmeric and black pepper in green tea…which I am also going to try.

We added a new chair to our bedroom last week which was quickly claimed by Roxie!

Why would I have 2 unopened bottles of Key Lime Juice in the pantry? But thanks to Den’s eagle eyes they have not expired and if they had they would have been banished to the trash! I am making him a Key Lime Pie today.


This is dinner…Den is very excited! It’s chicken in a mustardy cream sauce!

That’s the extent of my ordinariness.

Sometimes I love ordinariness.




8 thoughts on “An Ordinary Day!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ooh, yummy sounds perfect for The Widow of Wall Street, which I have bookmarked. I love the author.

    You probably got it from Edelweiss, right? lol

    I haven't tried to get it from NetGalley, as I have enough of their books waiting.

    Enjoy that dinner!


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