Wednesday’s Events…

Our sweet Lucy had an “elder care” check up yesterday…she had a great check up and she can continue to watch over us as only she knows how. She has gone from absolutely hating Sweet Roxie to almost loving/tolerating her. We realize that caring for an elder kitty is almost like caring for an elderly person. Lucy is fussy about food, crochety at times, complaining and sometimes irritating. She likes her world the way she wants it and if it isn’t her way she lets us know! She can be very LOUD! Too funny! She looks so sweet and innocent, too!


The sun is shining…Den is outside working in the yard while the girls and I blog and read…Roxie is snuggled in my lap with no signs of leaving me. Both of my kitties have sleek soft Tonkinese fur…they are silken to the touch and relaxing to hold. They look us right in our eyes when we talk to them. People say that’s a sign of true kitty love…especially if they blink…and they blink!

Clothes…love these kinds of tops…so comfy for everywhere! If they are stretchy or slouchy or oversized…I love them!



Almost finished with this…it’s good but a bit weird…there is a 94 year old with tons of secrets. I like this book but there are flashbacks and I am so over flashbacks…I just don’t like them. I think that the cover of this book made me believe I was going to love it unconditionally…and I don’t…yet.


We did not feel like cooking yesterday so we had an assortment of salads from Talulah’s Table…a pesto salad, a quinoa salad, and a chicken salad…with slices of a great baguette! Yum!


Tonight? Either this or pasta…Sheet Pan Barbecued Chicken or pasta…pasta with a little bit of pancetta! Yum!




Off to read…




13 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Events…

  1. Stefanie Ng says:

    How neat your cats are. I'm glad you get good love from them. I just shopped at Trader Joe's for ingredients for Friday's charcuterie board, Jellybean's pick over hot spinach dip, and to make a double batch of ooii kimchee. By the time I got home, I had my Homer Simpson light bulb of realizing I forgot about tonight's dinner…sigh.


  2. June says:

    So happy to hear that Lucy is doing well. How old is she now? That food looks and sounds awesome. I've been doing alot of “salads” myself: tuna, chicken…That barbecue chicken and pasta look YUM!Love you, guys…


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