It’s Friday!


I am really tired of falling asleep. Yep…I really am. I think that I am not as busy or as social as I used to be and my life will be that way for a while. I am more fatigued. And if I am not careful…the moment I lie in bed my eyes close and I fall asleep around 9 ish…only to wake up at midnight…sort of wired…I hate wired.

Binge Watching…

I am binge watching a show called Chicago Fire…I don’t normally like shows about fire trucks but I am obsessively hooked on this one. And it seems to be connected to Chicago PD, Chicago Justice, Chicago Med and even Law And Order…I have no clue why I am into this show. Plus I started watching it at the end rather than the beginning so I am totally confused by what’s happening…and yet I am not able to stop watching it!


I am really enjoying this one. So…this father wants to make his son a tennis champion and is totally obsessive…cruel, actually…about his training. He takes his son out of school…puts his son through punishing training…to make him a champion. I am loving this book.

Loving this one, too. It’s all wands and witches and selkies and mystery…I can get lost in this magical world. This is the first book in this series.

Because of the weekend I added a third book…another fantasy that I started and stopped but now I am ready to start it again.

Olive oil…

So…my sister told me about this really lovely and fragrant olive oil. I ordered it and the cookbook from Amazon. The cookbook is seriously filled with great old Italian recipes and stories. There is a timeline for making sauce on Sunday’s! It tells you from beginning to end exactly when your guests/family should be sitting down to dinner…an amazing homemade pasta dinner!


Have a great weekend!







9 thoughts on “It’s Friday!

  1. Ti says:

    That tennis book sounds interesting. I imagine sports in general, is pretty big these days to most families but where I live, people can become a little crazy by putting their kids in multiple sports. My daughter is trying to decide on which sport she will take up but she has too many options right now and trying to do a sport with choir and acting will be a challenge.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I've been curious about the Chicago series: Fire, Justice, Med, and P.D., but haven't watched any of them. I already have too many TV shows to watch!

    I didn't watch Scandal for all the years it was on, but then found it on Netflix..and binge-watched 5 seasons. Now I am watching Season 6 on TV.

    The Trophy Son looks tempting…but I hate fathers who bully their sons into performing.

    I wish I liked fantasy…but I'm glad you are enjoying these. Thanks for sharing.


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