Random Thoughts…


This is the holiday where I think you need a few chocolate eggs…

a few choice jelly beans…
and a few marshmallow Peeps.
Den buys one pack and sticks them in the freezer to ration them…he loves these things!

I always get a sweet little Easter surprise.

It’s fun to know some Easter facts. This chart was on the kitchn…

black licorice! Who knew?

I also learned that Pennsylvania’s favorite jellybean flavor is blueberry. You can find what your state’s fave flavor is by going here…


Nothing really exciting is happening here…I have completely watched all of the Chicago’s there were to watch…I need to find a new old show to binge on.

I firmly believe I will never be finished with The Black Witch. I read huge chunks of it and it seems to keep multiplying.

The Girl On The Train author has a new book…

So does J. Courtney Sullivan…

And Elin Hildebrand…

I don’t have any of them…yet! I want all three!

I love mason jars…Den doesn’t get it.


Den has been rearranging my kitchen drawers and shelves…he actually removed some of my kitchen towels…if I wasn’t so tired I would be outraged! I can’t find anything! Things are too orderly. Sigh! I think the spices are now updated and alphabetized…there are many new jars…who throws out cinnamon that is a few days expired…and…actually…does cinnamon expire? Even pans and casserole dishes are different. He has even more plans for reorganizing the kitchen…I am not sure how I feel about this!

The week end should be relaxing…the weather will be lovely…sitting on the deck will be perfect!

Have a great holiday!

See you on Monday!




8 thoughts on “Random Thoughts…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I do love chocolate! And as for Mason jars, I remember using them for various dry goods, like flour, etc. I had those anchor hocking tops.

    I would hate for anyone to reorganize my shelves and drawers…even if they were being helpful.

    When my eldest son and DIL visited two years ago (has it already been two years?), they did a lot of the cooking (I was grateful!), but they put things away in places I could not have imagined. I spent a lot of time looking for things. But I loved that they enjoyed cooking.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Stefanie Ng says:

    Black Licorice number one? Ew! Man, them Godiva eggs look so good! I never had those before. We still have jelly beans from our Harry Potter dinner; I'm not a jelly bean fan I'm afraid but we love Peeps; ate most of our supply. I like to let them get crunchy and sit for a over a year in my cabinet.


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