I have recently discovered that Den and I have differences that I was never really aware of until he started doing some dinner prep. One of our big differences is salad prep…I always tear fresh lettuces in random sized pieces. Den loves to chop them into edible manageable bites. His salad presentations are amazing. Everything is symmetrical. He halves tiny tomatoes…he slices avocados into tiny bites! His salads are precisioned bites of precisely cut veggies! This is why he disappears into the kitchen for hours…he is very busy chopping and dicing! I should have taken a picture of last night’s salad but I was too hungry and mesmerized by it…but I will tonight. These salads are a must see!


Just finished this book and I loved it! The Nantucket bits and bobs are the best…other than worrying about getting Lyme Disease it makes me want to be there hanging with the locals. There is a huge deer population on Nantucket! I also learned that there are other books in this series…in addition to the one I am reading. This is a beachy cozy mystery stand alone…I don’t feel at all lost by reading the latest one. I want to read them all!

I will be finished with this one today. I want more! It’s a perfect book for gloomy rainy days.

This is my version of The Cat In The Hat! She loves wearing my hats.

Hungry for this…it’s called Sloppy Tacos…from…I will make it with organic ground chicken or bison and organic everything else…it just looks so yummy to me!


Den is off to Home Depot for more basement shelves and possibly a new refrigerator…I am staying home with the kitties…reading while it rains. He will stop at Weggieman’s for yummy stuff and lunch. I crave seaweed salad…I have no clue why and Weggieman’s makes my second favorite one…I just love the crunch of it! Yum!

Have a great day!




10 thoughts on “Discoveries…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Those salads sound amazing, and my mouth is watering. I just tear the leaves, too, but that method makes the salads challenging to eat. LOL.

    You always share the best foods!

    The “cat in the hat” is adorable!

    Those books are all new to me…you have a lot of those! Enjoy!


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