Tuesday’s Thoughts…

There are some things that I totally get obsessed with…in the winter it’s ankle boots but in the summer it’s strappy sandals.

I just got these Ugg’s from Nordstrom’s. I love them…but you need to order an entire size up. They fit small but are so comfortable one size up! No buckles just that grippy hooky closure that is really adjustable. These are keepers!

I loved these, too, from Free People. These shoes are vegan! Good for them but I didn’t really care…I just loved that summer scrappiness and comfort. I got the black ones.
We had the best salad for dinner last night…local lettuces…diced the way only Den can dice them…with an avocado half and a tomato on the side…a few slices of local cheese and my peasant bread…so delicious. My Pyrex bowls haven’t come yet so I am baking mine in soufflé bowls that I didn’t even know I had until Den rearranged the kitchen…sigh! I made these with whole wheat flour and they were amazing.
Our next dinner salad will be this one…Andie Mitchell’s Nicoise Salad.

Today’s irritating challenge…

The challenge today is getting the new refrigerator in and the old one out. We can’t remember how they did it the last time. Den is measuring stuff and going through a multitude of different scenarios but we just can’t figure out what will happen! This has got to be the most annoying and irritating project ever! We don’t think it will fit through the front door, Den thinks they brought the last one through the deck and into the sunroom and we vaguely remember a refrigerator coming through the garage doors but not without tearing the doors off. Plus the actually emptying of the old refrigerator is incredibly stressful!



I am kind of loving this one…so far…but I have not given it my total support…yet…it’s beachy and light…and I am still deciding…

Also reading this in a real book…


This is my day…in addition to stress over my catscan, worry over the 7th Chemo and my reaction to it tomorrow and wondering if my eyelashes will grow back as a full set or one at a time which would be really creepy.

I need hugs!




What a difference a diagnosis of Ovarian cancer makes. I am trying my hardest to be strong but…

Not crying!




16 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts…

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I'm sending hugs your way!

    I love the Uggs sandals but I'm sure they'd be too wide for me. *sigh*

    I'm sure the delivery guys will figure out how to get the refrigerator in.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Sending more hugs your way! You are doing a great job of coping…and I love the shoes and books. Shoes with adjustable straps are the best.

    And that salad is awesome. Makes me want one!

    I hope the refrigerator scenario works out!

    A handyman is coming to change out my patio umbrella today. My new son-in-law is too busy and can't be bothered. Ha!

    I am trying to remember being that young and too caught up in my own stuff to care about the “elders.” LOL


  3. Ti says:

    To get our fridge in, we had to take the front door off its hinges. It would not fit through our slider.

    The before and after pic. Okay, so you have no eyebrows but look at how young you look! Your skin is radiant. Rosy glow and all.


  4. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    Patty, you are strong. You do not have to prove anything else. Just be you. You are right to be planning Summer, clothes, shoes, food…be you! You actually do look really good! There is so much to celebrate and to look forward to…including hair, eyebrows, make-up…and LIFE! Hugs!


  5. Paging Through Books says:

    Hugs, prayers, and good wishes sent your way now! You are so strong, Patty! You will conquer this milestone, put it in your rear view window soon, and move on.

    Love your comfy sandals and your one bowl salads! So yummy… and the bread… well I can't really bake and using yeast, ugh, I'm a total fail so I'll drool over yours! Feel better!- Rita


  6. DMS says:

    That salad looks SO good! I want to make one now.

    I love the sandals you shared. They all look comfy. I always need comfy sandals at work. Lots of standing.

    Sending hugs! You look beautiful. I want you to remember that no one else judges you as hard as you judge yourself (we all judge ourselves too harshly). I can understand your worry about your eyelashes, but other people probably don't notice. My dad hasn't had eyelashes since he was in college. He wears glasses and most people never even notice that he is eyelashless. Everyone says how handsome he is all the time- and no one has ever mentioned that he doesn't have eyelashes. 🙂

    Good luck with the scan and treatment!


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