Life…And Calming Down!

Den is literally begging me to calm down today…I may have forgotten to mention that the day after Big Chemo and before Neulasta is an off the wall hyper period! Plus I got an extra baggie of an intravenous calming stuff yesterday…apparently a vote was taken and everyone at Oncology thought I needed it! Yahoo! My best Chemo Day ever other than the twitching! Den had fun there, too!

Here is Den having fun at Oncology!

I can’t begin to tell you…again…how much I love this book. The mom is outrageous, the sisters challenged by the neediness that their mom caused and even the lovely Jane Green says it’s the way she used to write! I have abandoned my other book just to read this one…I have it on my Kindle and in a real book…but the kindle book is so much better…steroids talking!

Ok…so…what’s up today? Nuelasta at 3:00!!! Oh boy!

So…I am jumping around the house and whooping it up until then!


Stopping at The Produce Patch to get a few things for this…Den is in charge of the green beans! I love joint food prep!

Speaking of food prep…our lovely brand new refrigerator? Well…it never made it in the house. We gave the salesperson the right specs…he sent a refrigerator with all of the wrong specs. So we have to re buy another one…that actually fits but that’s what we thought we already did…so…in lieu of dragging everything back upstairs from the downstairs refrigerator Den is getting tons of steps going up and down lots of times a day!

When you read this post just remember it’s a post on steroids!





14 thoughts on “Life…And Calming Down!

  1. Ti says:

    Are you normally this hyper after big chemo? Maybe all the extra stuff they gave you wore off and it has this effect on you? Can you drink wine? Wine does take the edge off when I am a bundle of nerves and it doesn't seem to take much… a half glass?


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ha! I love the way you cope with all the disappointments and near-misses, with the fridge, etc. Great photo of Den having fun.

    I want to read The Sunshine Sisters…and wasn't able to get it on NetGalley. So…waiting for the release date.

    Enjoy your week! The food looks delish, as usual.


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