It’s Always About Books…And Food And Clothes And Shoes!

So…I just started this book…the premise is that two sisters who have a narcissistic mother…at one point she asks her younger daughter to call her Mrs. Martin…disappear…but the younger one appears at her own front door three years later under a huge mysterious cloud…I am just getting into it but it definitely is fascinating. It felt as though I was never going to finish The Sunshine Girls…it just took me a long time to read it!



This was yesterday’s lunch…it was so delicious…the crispy cannelloni beans were amazing…it’s from The Kitchn…

This is today’s slow cooker dinner…Turkey meatballs from Skinnytaste!

Today’s outfit…it’s soooo comfy…

These shoes…so comfy, too! They fit perfectly!


I found this photo on my iPad yesterday but I knew I didn’t take it…Den saw the sunlight streaming in through the windows of the sunroom and snapped it. I bought the flag for Den for Valentine’s Day…I think I might have mentioned this…I thought it would fit on the mantle but it’s too big and heavy…so it’s temporary resting place is here…for now…

Windows are open…we have a white lilac in the front of the house that is sending its fragrance everywhere in the house…

It’s lovely…




16 thoughts on “It’s Always About Books…And Food And Clothes And Shoes!

  1. bermudaonion says:

    Some books take longer to read than others.

    I've been on a clothes buying spree this year! I want more shoes but I'm so hard to fit, they're difficult to find in my size. Do you wear shoes around the house?


  2. Ti says:

    It's been cool here and actually rained yesterday, but they said we are going to get hit with a wall of heat by this weekend. I love to open the windows but the Otter Pup will only allow me to open the back windows. All her dog friends walk past the house and she gets all bent out of shape when they cross our driveway and the windows are open. She is weird. I think she wants to go play with them but she acts mad. Or, she is pretending to be a good watchdog. She is afraid of flies. I mean, come on.


  3. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    The Wendy Walker book sounds good…I loved her book Forgotten.

    That stone fireplace takes me back…to a house I once lived in and loved…we had one of those fireplaces.

    Enjoy your day…your lunch looks so awesome!


  4. Paging Through Books says:

    Great shot by Den– love the sun ray streaming onto the sunflower!
    Your lunch looks yummy… I'll have to search for it. I'm jealous of your new clothes, and I bet those shoes would feel comfy on my achy feet.

    Enjoy your new book!


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