Back To The Beach…

Reading this…and it’s really fun…

Also reading this…it’s really good, too…kind of English mystery good.

It is still so dreary outside…seriously dreary…it’s wet and rainy and chilly and it’s not fun to dodge out in between rain showers to plant a few pots of flowers…whatever happened to spring?

I think that we are going to binge watch tv this afternoon and make a Sheet Pan dinner for dinner…from Julie’s Eats And Treats…chicken, asparagus, potatoes! Yum!

Everyone in our house seems in a bad mood…especially Lucy and Den. Lucy is jumping up on furniture and just sitting and staring at me and then climbing on me…Den didn’t sleep well so he is out of sorts…today is Visiting Nurse Day so I can’t start anything until the Visiting Nurse leaves…the only happy family member is Roxie…and she is ignoring all of us.




6 thoughts on “Back To The Beach…

  1. Denise Ward says:

    I did most of the planting on Sunday, but last night I realized I had “placed” a few without actually planing them. So at 7am, I was outside finishing up. 😎
    Summer's coming!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ah, your day is bound to improve, once the nurse goes…and once you lose yourself in the beach book. I have that one, too, but haven't started it yet.

    Your sheet dinner looks fabulous! Enjoy….


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