Another Un Sunny Day?

I can’t even believe it! It’s cold and dreary and we have three flats of zinnias to plant. We keep making excuses about trying to plant them in such un pretty weather. We haven’t planted zinnias in forever but this year we felt like putting zinnias everywhere! Who knew it would be so hard? We are planting State Fair as well as Cut And Come Again! Hopefully today is the day that we actually get them in the ground!

Finished and loved this…

Up next…not sure…tomorrow is potentially my last Big Chemo…so this is a week of enduring Neulasta and metallic tastes and joint pain and tears and feeling afraid…and hopefully healing and getting strong again…I don’t know whether I need something light…

Or intense but YA…

Or scary fantasy…

Or fun mystery…

I don’t even know if reading will distract me this week. Den says look at all we have faced this year. I know I have to stay strong and get even stronger and pray for as much strength as I can. But I have to admit to feeling really scared…really really scared.

Very big hugs…




13 thoughts on “Another Un Sunny Day?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Sending hugs your way, and good thoughts, too. Reading is hard to do when you are worried or scared. You have hung in there like a trooper…so here's hoping for strength and healing.

    I'm glad you liked the Laura Dave book…the others are new to me.


  2. Denise Ward says:

    It's ok to be scared, but Den is absolutely right–you've been through hell & you will take what's dished out–because you will and you can!!

    I would go with a fun mystery…& I will be thinking of you & praying all week. Love you, & tons of hugs back!!


  3. Paging Through Books says:

    Think of all the things that give you pleasure in the midst of an otherwise awful week: family, kitties, friends, books, flowers– beautiful colorful flowers… this won't knock you down because you're strong. You are in my thoughts… and good luck that this is the last big one! Stay positive…


  4. Ti says:

    Dreary weather is perfect planting weather for us. It's normally too hot for us to plant anything. I hope you get them in. I'm sure they'd cheer you up too.


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