Monday Is Usually All About Books…

So…I am all over the place with books…kind of reading three at a time and they no longer have to be in different genres! I am soooooo excited about that! I can pick up a book…read it…put it back down…then watch a little TV…pick up my shiny new Oasis…read that book for a while…then pick up another book! I used to think my sister in law was so wrong because this is the way she reads. But now I love this random reading! I am still a stickler for choosing the right books and finishing every book I start but I am proclaiming myself a Random Reader! Yahoo! Actually I am now a three at a time random reader!

I am reading this…when Roxie lets me. I love this one…Collin meets Nina. Collin draws on black chalkboards and doesn’t care if his beautiful work gets erased. Nina is a new teacher who grades her student papers in Collin’s restaurant but her father owns this virtual game…Everwhen…that everyone wants to play. I am at the part where Nina wants Collin to meet her father…that’s all I know other than the game plays a huge role in this book…I think!

Reading this on my Oasis…it’s a yummy sort of modern day cozy English mystery that starts off with a murder that doesn’t look like a murder…yet. It’s a comfy book and I am really into the characters. Some authors just do character descriptions so well and this author is one of them.

Plus I am reading this one, too…but I really only just started it…that’s Den’s homemade lemonade…it’s so good in the afternoon.

Today felt like a regular normal day! I yearn for those! Treadmill and weights after Den’s special berries and granola and yoghurt bowl for breakfast. Organic nitrate free hot dogs for lunch…yum! A little bit of food prep…I made a Dijon Balsamic Salad Dressing for our dinner salads. There was a post somewhere about recipes for 9 kind of ordinary salad dressings…one was called Catalina…which I only remember as a Kraft or French’s childhood fave. Was it red? Making that tomorrow.

Now we are showered and relaxed…reading and watching TV. The only sad thing is that I am craving peanut butter cookies! These were in the NYT today.

I want one badly!

So…that’s my Monday…I am off to randomly choose a book and read.




10 thoughts on “Monday Is Usually All About Books…

  1. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    I really wanted to pick up another book in the genre of the one I'm in the middle of – but I didn't. I'm afraid of confusing the characters with the book, you know? So, I admire that you can do this!!!!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I loved The Breakdown…and now I'm curious about The Chalk Artist.

    I am reading two books at a time these days, but they have to be different genres. I'm not random enough…LOL.

    One of mine is nonfiction (Fairy Tale Interrupted) and the other is a mystery (You'll Never Know, Dear).

    That lemonade looks so good!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Is the Oasis your Kindle? How is it different from the Paperwhite?


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    Yes…the Oasis is the newest version of a Kindle. I never thought the difference would be that great until I started using my Oasis when my Kindle broke. It's the print…and the way it formats things…it's just so much better!


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