Monday’s Clear Vision?

We really do not do anything serious over the week end. And lately we have tried to simplify it even more. We might make homemade waffles or pancakes or a frittata but yesterday we had cereal with berries and it was just as good as a more complicated breakfast. Sometimes we get these huge cinnamon rolls from a shop in town. Sometimes we do apple cider donuts from an orchard outside of town. It depends on our mood. We settle on the sofa and big fluffy chair and read papers…the only time we read newspapers all week. Den loves this ritual and I try to always make it happen…only when I was really exhausted from chemo did I stay upstairs…he was so sad.

Den reads local papers but I only read the NYT and especially the Book Review! It’s my guilty little pleasure that I have already read most of the profiled books in the Book Review. My bad!

So…it’s easier for me to have a clear vision at the start of the week. I want to read at least three books. I want to work on the basement. I want to cook more. I want to stay up without literally keeling over into a sound sleep. I need to walk more than 16 minutes every day. I need to walk outside more. I need to focus on a more normal life. I need to try to slowly end my self imposed exile. I need to stop watching my hair grow.

That’s my clear vision!


Reading this…it’s filled with kingdoms, rebellions, powers, and estrangements. Also filled with YA fantasy yumminess.

Still reading this slowmoving chunkster but…it just gets better and better.

I picked this lovely book up over the weekend…it was so good! An old crumbling B & B in Alabama where people seem to come and stay but not leave. When the actual owner dies her granddaughter is left with making something out of the house. She ends up with much more than a house! This was a great relaxing book.

Some new books…from NetGalley…

From Amazon Vine…
From NetGalley…
From Amazon Vine…

Yo “gotta” love a clear vision!





9 thoughts on “Monday’s Clear Vision?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Your food on the weekend sounds good! I love Sunday papers, but our local newspaper is too boring, so I stopped subscribing. I would love the SF Chronicle…or the NYT, but I'm not sure how I would get them on time, living so far away (especially the NY paper).

    The Hideaway looks good. The Lauras, not so much. I read the author's book The Shore, and really hated it. I've read negative reviews about this one, too.

    Maybe you'll enjoy it, though.

    Magpie Murders looks tempting.

    Enjoy your week! Underneath your scarf, your hair is growing faster than you think!


  2. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    The Hideaway sounds lovely and I'll look for it! I hope you can get outside more to walk. Just take your time. I love the smells of summer right now – our privet hedge is blooming and smells so good! Have a good day, Patty!


  3. Ti says:

    The Hideaway sounds good!!

    Your head wrap is looking stylish. I know there is another name for it. A buff?

    I am totally exhausted. Show weeks are done until first week of August (Grease). I took a beach day yesterday which was very nice even though it was terribly crowded and the people behind us literally put there sun tent up 3 inches behind us.


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