Big Beautiful Books!

I am still reading this book and as much as I love fantasy…fantasy takes a long time to read. Unpronounceable places and names…events that often have to be read twice because they seem impossible because they are impossible…plants growing out of nowhere and rocks coming alive…I love this book and its heroine but I want it finished! Now!

So…in an attempt to read something normal over the weekend…I literally stumbled upon these!

They all take place in the Hamptons at an inn run by Antonia…a chef, amateur sleuth and transplanted Hamptonite. The first book is filled with mystery and incredible food descriptions…these books are cozy and fun and so relaxing to read. My first two came from Edelweiss and the last one is on NetGalley. This is the kind of cozy mystery that I could binge read…just pick up the next one as soon as the one before it is done.

My self imposed exile continues. I just can’t imagine going out to a movie or dinner or anywhere wearing these hats…I wish I was less self conscious but I am not…so here I sit…in my house…with my kitties and Den. I feel so bad because Den is kind of isolated, too…and it’s not fair and it’s easy for me to get sad and frustrated but I am stuck in my exile for a while longer. I can feel fuzzy hair on my head but it feels weird and wild and I will probably never have my regular hair back again…ever! Sob!

I walked for 21 minutes on my treadmill on Saturday. Today I am going to try for 22 minutes…it sounds so weird to think that at the end of 22 minutes I am exhausted.




12 thoughts on “Big Beautiful Books!

  1. bermudaonion says:

    A couple came in the store on Saturday and she had a wrap on her head so I thought of you. I could tell she was very self conscious – she hung her head and didn't make eye contact – but no one else paid any attention to her.

    Keep up the good work on the treadmill!!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Those cozy books look tempting! I don't care for fantasy, so I'll skip that one.

    There are cute hats…as Kathy said, nobody else would find anything odd about your hats…or even a scarf.

    Enjoy getting out a little bit at a time.


  3. Denise Ward says:

    Keep up the good work. I always give a big friendly smile to anyone I see with a hat, new hair or anything else!
    Think of me while on the treadmill; I'm doing the same thing. An extra minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes….you'll do it! Today, I'm at the gym, going for an extra 10 minutes on the arc trainer. You'll get there–you've been through so much, just one more step.

    Your hair may not in fact be the same–but it will be your badge of courage–that is well earned!


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