Finally Finished!

My goal yesterday was to finish these two books…and I almost did it! My Hamptons mystery just kept getting better and better because certain characters got increasingly annoying! But these characters got annoying in that really good way where they think they know everything and it’s up to Antonia The Innkeeper to put them in their place. Plus she has to deal with a creepy local reporter who wants to date her…this book has its humorous sides, too. I love it and I will joyfully read the next two!

And I will be done with my fantasy momentarily! Literally…in minutes!

My outside world…flowers are growing! Especially our zinnias but we are afraid to cut them…they look so wild and bright and pretty!

Hydrangeas! OMG…I love them!

We are still in the midst of getting trees trimmed!

New watering can lights…I love them!


We did have sheetpan salmon yesterday…it was so delicious.

Today we are trying Weggieman’s BBQ Chicken…you just pop it on a sheetpan and it bakes on its own in the oven. The fish guy at Weggieman’s said it was really good…I guess if anyone should know about BBQ it’s the fish guy!

Weggieman’s is a delightfilled place!

What to read next? No clue!

Perhaps this?

Lucy gets to choose!





6 thoughts on “Finally Finished!

  1. lakesidemusing says:

    Ooh, the sheet pan salmon looks delicious and your flowers are all so beautiful! You've sold me on the Hamptons Murder mysteries… can you believe out library only has the third one?? I can't stand to start in the middle, so will have to get the first one myself.


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    Our library was the same way but the first two are available on Edeilweiss! You can't start with the last one…Antonia has to grow on you! I am reading the second one now.


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